Assistive Voice Control for
People with Physical Disabilities

Paper on the ALADIN design process to be presented at NordiCHI '14

CUO|Social Spaces will be presenting a full paper on the first phases of the ALADIN design process at the NordiCHI conference, 26-30/10/2014, in Helsinki. The paper is about how we approached the user-centered design of the self-learning ALADIN speech engine, trying to find out how people address such a speech system, and which words people use to talk to it. Just to give you an idea, you can find the (preliminary) abstract below: This paper describes the user-centered design of ALADIN, a speech [...]

ALADIN First User Session

On April 29, the ALADIN team welcomed various healthcare professionals to an ALADIN user session. This session was the first one in a series of workshops, in which various stakeholders (end users, healthcare professionals, the assistive technology industry,...) are invited to think about new opportunities for the ALADIN speech technology.  While the ALADIN technology has currently been implemented in an entertainment (card game) and home automation demo, the technology itself can be applie [...]

Edinburgh demo

On March 27, 2014, the ALADIN system was presented at the SICSA Workshop on Speech Technology and Human Computer Interaction at Edinburgh University. We utilised a similar demo setup as the one used for the iMinds conference, sans KNX domotics system, in order to fit everything into a suitcase. We used a shorter training protocol consisting of only 3 repetitions for every command, but we also made an even shorter version made up of only 8 commands in 3 repetitions, controlling the 4 li [...]

Website Launch!

Today we are launching our public ALADIN website, accompanying the more academic yet less sexy We'll be working hard to iron out any bugs or errors, but if you still find some hanging around, feel free to contact the webmaster at jonathan (dot) huyghe (at) soc (dot) kuleuven (dot) be. Other questions can be directed to Jort, whose details you can find on our contact page.

Aladin @ iMinds the Conference

On december 5, 2013, Mobilab and CUO presented a demo at iMinds the Conference, showing off the vocal interface for domotics in both standard Dutch and West-Flemish. iMinds The Conference is a yearly conference bringing together the best and brightest in academia, policy making, business and venture capital in Belgium, with keynote speeches from thought leaders and breakout sessions on collaborative research and entrepreneurship. This year's theme was “digital innovation in Europ [...]

How to test home automation on location?

One of the challenges we faced during the user testing of ALADIN was the testing of home automation features, which is one of the most important functions ALADIN will have to fulfill. While it would have been possible to use an already automated home, this meant users would have to make the trip to our lab, which is not easy for a lot of the people in our user group. It's also not easy to quickly move through the different functions, from curtains to an automated bed to changing the thermostat. [...]