Assistive Voice Control for
People with Physical Disabilities

ALADIN First User Session

On April 29, the ALADIN team welcomed various healthcare professionals to an ALADIN user session. This session was the first one in a series of workshops, in which various stakeholders (end users, healthcare professionals, the assistive technology industry,...) are invited to think about new opportunities for the ALADIN speech technology. 

While the ALADIN technology has currently been implemented in an entertainment (card game) and home automation demo, the technology itself can be applied in a variety of contexts, for different end user groups, etc. The goal of the workshops is to map these possibilities, and work towards concrete plans for integrating the ALADIN technology in various applications.

The first ALADIN session turned out to be a fruitful day of interesting discussions and brainstorms, focusing on various aspects of the technology, ranging from technical aspects (such as technology robustness), to the integration of the technology in daily use (including user acceptance). 


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