Assistive Voice Control for
People with Physical Disabilities

Edinburgh demo

On March 27, 2014, the ALADIN system was presented at the SICSA Workshop on Speech Technology and Human Computer Interaction at Edinburgh University.

We utilised a similar demo setup as the one used for the iMinds conference, sans KNX domotics system, in order to fit everything into a suitcase. We used a shorter training protocol consisting of only 3 repetitions for every command, but we also made an even shorter version made up of only 8 commands in 3 repetitions, controlling the 4 lights in the kitchen and living room of our virtual home.

This short, short version of training allowed us to train speakers in only 5 minutes, which was sufficiently brief to record conference attendees as new speakers and have them control the virtual home themselves. The language independence was really tested here, as the system managed to cope with both Scottish (Glasgow variant) and Mandarin Chinese, performing perfectly in both cases.

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