Assistive Voice Control for
People with Physical Disabilities
Frequently Asked Questions

I don't speak Dutch, will I still be able to use ALADIN?

Yes, you will. ALADIN is language-independant, which means you can use any language you want to control it, although some languages might give better results than others. You could even use sounds that aren't a language, as long as you use them consistently

How long do I have to train ALADIN before it's ready to use?

The length of the training period will depend on your usage, but generally ALADIN will recognize a command after only a few repetitions. The chart on the about page shows the accuracy after a few repetitions, and generally speaking you should be able to use ALADIN independantly after about a week. There is no single endpoint for the training, because ALADIN will keep storing new vocal commands as learning examples, in order to cope with degrading speech, and you can always correct ALADIN if it made a mistake.

 What if I don't use the same words everytime? Will it still work?

ALADIN will store lots of examples per command, which means you can use different words for the same object, as long as it's not the same as the word you use for something else (you can call the kitchen door "Alice" and "Bob", but you can't call it "living room door" if that's already a different door). ALADIN will also intelligently combine commands if they contain the same object. Saying "open the kitchen door" will be split up into "open the" and "kitchen door", for example, and the "open the" part will be learned from any "open the ... door" command, while "kitchen door" will be learned from both "open the kitchen door" and "close the kitchen door".

Where and when can I buy ALADIN?

The ALADIN project will end in december 2014 and is a basic research project, which means our end result will not be a finished product, but rather a demonstrator and a core technology. The technology can then be implemented in new or existing products. If you would like to implement ALADIN in your product, please contact us for more information.


My question isn't in here!

You can ask us questions in the comments below, our by contacting us directly.


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