Assistive Voice Control for
People with Physical Disabilities

Brainstorm session 2

On may 27, 2014, We organised a second session with people from the healthcare field to get a better insight in how to help as many people as possible with the ALADIN technology. We gained some valuable insights in how different uses than we originally envisioned could be explored and where to go from here. Read more about the first session here.



ALADIN iMinds video

The material for this video was recorded at the iMinds conference 2013. In the video, you can see the demonstrator operating home automation devices in a 3D home environment using spoken commands. Additionally, a tablet interface provides feedback, allows manual control and will assist in the training process.


Video of the training process used for the ALADIN demo

The ALADIN vocal interface is currently trained prior to usage in a very short session. In the final system, the system will continuously train from user feedback, thus eliminating a seperate training stage.



Video of a prospective ALADIN user

The user can be seen operating the lights in a 3D model of a home environment, using a tablet interface and using speech control. The user has impaired speech and difficulties with manual operating devices.